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America's Best Top Selling Author
Shakeita Price
Featured Books

How To Buy A Home in 30 Days

Being Alumni from the same high school, Wilson High School,  Ms. Price, a LMSW and Ms. Sams, a Counselor soon found that they had a desire to educate individuals about the home buying process after they completed their first transaction together. This book "How To Buy A Home in 30 Days", is an interactive guide that includes the step-by-step process to becoming a homeowner.

Price: $35

Price: $25

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The Extraordinary Makeover

As women, we have the power to make our lives as great as we possibly can. Sometimes you have to dig deep to find that hidden glow, passion, and strength.  This book The Extraordinary Makeover: Hidden Expressions Of The Every Day Woman, was created by 17 Phenomenal women whom wanted to empower other women through sharing their obstacles and how they overcame them.

Price: $25

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